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About us

What is NÜR?

Also known as,

“The light between the heavens and the earth”

NÜR (noor, نور) by its exact definition translates to light in Farsi and Arabic. However, in the Middle East, the meaning behind NÜR has much more depth than simply physical light.

It is often used in context to describe a form of light that can only shine from within. A divine light that's so precious, it isn't expressed by just anyone.

When using the word NÜR, it is considered one of the highest forms of compliments as it is often used to describe something that’s considered to be the absolute best of its kind.

To be told you have or express NÜR is considered an incredible privilege, as it’s not given to just anyone.

We always want you to remember this meaning when you wear your NÜR.

To always embody your light, and Embody your NÜR™.

Note from our founder

Hey you, welcome to NÜR!

If you're on here, it means you have slowly navigated through my shop and I truly thank you for being here.

My name is Nilo, and I am the founder and owner of NÜR. You can find me behind the counter at our pop-up shops, responding to your email inquiries, or packaging your online orders with plenty of love.

NÜR is a small business founded with the idea of sharing the love and light brought by jewelry through older cultural traditions, with a bit of a generational twist.

As an Afghan-American, my love and appreciation for gold stemmed from my late grandmother. She truly believed that no outfit was complete without a small touch of gold (and she looked so darn good in it).

Looking up to her, as I began to experiment with the many different ways to accessorize, I was always too afraid to wear anything valuable because of the thought that I may lose it. Well, not the thought. Let's be honest, I knew I’d lose it.

Over the years as I started to build my own small collection, I learned quite quickly that I couldn't resort to fashion jewelry like many of my friends. My skin would break out into a horrible rash, at times it would even scab. I was told I had a metal allergy, and could only wear precious metals. After purchasing many plated pieces, I then faced a new problem where after nearly one month of wearing my jewelry, they’d fade!

Founded in 2014, with a ton of research and testing I discovered a very specific way of plating jewelry. This process was called PVD (the gold plating process we primarily utilize).

Many designs and samples of jewelry later (and I mean many), I found what I was looking for. Quality gold plating over a hypoallergenic metal I could offer at an accessible cost.

Jewelry with impeccable quality, styles done our way, that can still be carried from one generation to the next.

Our Story

A note from our founder


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